Art Heals the Mind, Body, and Heart. There’s so much to love about art. Engaging in it actually helps heal our hearts and keeps our brains healthy.

Do you remember when you were a kid, and there were no cell phones or worries about what time it was? You simply played and created games and lost track of time until the sun came down. Much of that is fueled by our inherent creativity. Unfortunately, with money worries, deadlines, schedules and well…life, adults have a harder time switching into a creative mode. That’s why exploring art, such as painting, dancing or music, can have immeasurable benefits on our mental health and can actually heal our hearts. Here are the top ways incorporating art into your life will help you physically, mentally and emotionally.

  1. It improves memory
  2. It relieves stress
  3. It creates more empathy and feelings of love
  4. Art helps heal

There’s an entire field of art therapy, a mindfulness suggestion to support the art therapy experience are Mandala rocks. 

Mandala Stones are the latest trend in the craft world to go viral. The colorfully dotted patterns are a real eyecatcher and easy to recreate. The great thing about it is, that you can do them without a lot of practice. You don’t need special skills or be an amazingly talented painter to get great results. It is not so hard to paint dots. Try using found objects to create the dots, like the end of a paint brush, a pencil, a cotton bud to change the size of the dot.