The purpose of the Friends of Aigantighe is: To inspire the love of arts, heritage and culture at the Aigantighe, South Canterbury’s home for art.

You can help by joining our committee. Our committee meets the first Monday of each month at the Aigantighe at 5:15pm. A quorum of 5 is required for monthly meetings. At these meetings we discuss special projects like our art restoration and aquisitions, WuHoo art history signs, fundraisers to support the gallery and help host exhibition openings. We also support communication to our members and the community as advocates for the Aigantighe and arts in the South Canterbury. Please note that we are a supportive role and are not involved in the management or running of the Aigantighe. The Aigantighe is owned and managed by the Timaru District Council. 

Our committee has the following key roles:

  • President / Chair
  • Vice President
  • Immediate Past President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Fundraising Manager
  • Marketing & Communications Manager
  • Website Manager
  • Membership manager


The offical name: is Friends of Aigantighe Art Gallery (Incorporated) and are a registered charity

Registered charity status: All donations received are Tax Deductible as The Friends of Aigantighe Art Gallery (Inc) are certified as a charitable entity under the Charities Act 2005 on 27 November 2009. Registration Number CC42952. 

Registerd office: PO Box 780, Timaru 7940, New Zealand. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



1 The Chair/President is responsible for:

  1. Ensuring that the Rules are followed;
  2. Convening Meetings and establishing whether or not a quorum (half of the Committee) is present;
  3. Chairing Meetings, deciding who may speak and when;
  4. Overseeing the operation of the Society;
  5. Providing a report on the operations of the Society at each Annual General Meeting. 


2 The Secretary is responsible for:

  1. Recording the minutes of Meetings;
  2. Keeping the Register of Members with the help of the membership manager and VOLMSC;
  3. Holding the Society's records, documents, and books except those required for the Treasurer’s function;
  4. Receiving and replying to correspondence as required by the Committee;
  5. Forwarding the annual financial statements for the Society to the Registrar of Incorporated Societies upon their approval by the Members at an Annual General Meeting.
  6. Advising the Registrar of Incorporated Societies of any rule changes; 


3 The Treasurer is responsible for:

  1. Keeping proper accounting records of the Society’s financial transactions to allow the Society’s financial position to be readily ascertained;
  2. Preparing annual financial statements for presentation at each Annual General Meeting. These statements should be prepared in accordance with the Societies’ accounting policies (see 8.1.d).
  3. Providing a financial report at each Annual General Meeting;
  4. Providing financial information to the Committee as the Committee determines. 

Please note: The finances and membership are managed in Xero software by Volunteering Mid and South Canterbury (VOLMSC). The treasurer presents finance reports at meetings, tables in-goings and out-goings, moves invoices for payment and gives instruction to VOLMSC to set up internet payments. They present the annual finance report at the AGM. And submit our annual form to the Charities Commission so we can retain our registered charity status.


Friends Constitution

"The officers of the Society shall be such patrons as may elected at the Annual General Meeting and an Executive comprising a President, Vice president, the President for the immediate past year, Secretary, Treasurer and six members.  The Executive shall have the power to coopt not more than three persons to act as Associate Executive Members with full voting rights.  The Director of the Aigantighe Art Gallery shall be an ex-officio Executive Member with full voting rights.  All officers shall be elected annual at the Annual General Meeting of the Society. ..." see the Friends constitution here 


Friends membership subscription

To be a committee member, you need to be a financial member of the Friends of the Aigantighe Art Gallery Inc. Subscription year begins 1st July. Subs are emailed after the AGM usually held at the end of August.

Single: $30. Double $40. Student $10
Please email the Friends membership manager: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your membership details: Name, Postal Address, Phone number and Email Address.
Friends of Aigantighe Art Gallery SBS Bank: 
Please include your name as a reference so we know who the funds are from).