SC Chamber & Biz Awards Sponsors Rock

Friday 18 August
Bec Bisman

Recently The South Canterbury Chamber of Commerce held their annual Business Excellence Awards here in Timaru. The Business Excellence Awards recognises and celebrates business excellence, playing an important role in promoting and strengthening economic development in the region.

The TimaruRocks admin were asked if we would like to show the business community what “Rocking” and TimaruRocks is all about. TimaruRocks, at it’s core, is all about spreading joy. With this in mind a boulder sized project was born to create a personal rock for each of the BEA sponsor’s.
TimaruRocks BecBismanEach rock had the business logo painted on the front/top and on the bottom/back we wrote: “Thank you for all you do to support our community as employers, investors, innovators and sponsors. We are really grateful!”
An estimated 100 hours went into creating the rocks for this event. Each rock was carefully hand painted by passionate “rocker” Bec Bisman. 
Bec Bisman says: ” I was more than happy to share the joy of “rocking” with the Chamber and businesses. These were made on behalf of my fellow “rocker’s” from the TimaruRocks movement who are out there painting, hiding, hunting and creating joy.”
TimaruRocks enjoys supporting community based projects/events/fundraisers. The idea of incorporating community based values emphasizes everything great about the Rock movement. Here, in this case showing our support for businesses within our community was indeed a meaningful project.

Timaru Rocks admin, Roselyn Fauth helped to arrange a video presentation that was played to the the 400 guests to give some background to the rock movement in Timaru, and Roselyn spoke at the end to reinforce our message of gratitude.

BEA Rocks PaintingProcess

TimaruRocks BEA Awards 2017



Here is some feedback we received after the South Canterbury Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards from The Chief Executive Wendy Smith:

TimaruRocks AwardsNight

After seeing how the Timaru Rocks group was bringing our community together The South Canterbury Chamber of Commerce wanted to be able to showcase and highlight this to the business community.
We had already championed one of Roselyn Fauths’ images in our South Canterbury Chamber of Commerce branding and so asked if the Timaru Rocks group might be interested in painting rocks for the sponsors of the Business Excellence Awards.
We were astonished by just how good these rocks were – all hand painted by talented rock artist Bec Bisman. These made a fabulous addition to our table decorations at the Gala Awards Dinner and our sponsors were thrilled to receive them.

The raucous applause that the Timaru Rocks promotional video received on the night showed just how much appreciation there is for the Timaru Rocks Group.
400 business people from around South Canterbury attended the South Canterbury Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards Gala Dinner, 29 Sponsors received hand painted rocks and we hope that the spin off from this creates more interest and investment in a community project that really does ROCK!

Kind Regards
Wendy Smith
Chief Executive