Rockers paint to thank Breast Cancer supporters

28 May 2017
Roselyn Fauth

When local rockers got wind of the RSA's pink ribbon breakfast, they got their heads together to see how they could help. They decided to paint rocks for the RSA to give to say thanks to those who supported the fundraiser. Through Facebook messenger they devised their plan, and then got to work making rocks. It is really amazing how, even with a defined theme, everyone takes on a different view and provides a totally unique interpretation of messages and designs to those who have Breast Cancer and those who are working to help raise awareness and funds. We were really pleased we could do something to show we are grateful, and to give those who attended the event a pat on the back.

"Thank all your Rock Art people very very much for their contributions towards helping at the RSA to making our Pink Ribbon Breakfast a high success. Everyone had a wonderful breakfast thanks to Gary our chef, enjoyed the local entertainment delkighted with Rock Art which we gave a good plug to throughout the morning. We raised just over $1300 clear profit for Breast Cancer. Some gave donations, some just took them and I put a few around in the gardens at the RSA." Maree Winter, organiser of the Pink Ribbon Breakfast at the Timaru RSA.