Highfeild Rest Home Rocks

29 July 2017
Roselyn Fauth

Roselyn Fauth visited Highfeild Rest Home to paint rocks with the residents. 
"I took our Community Rock box along and our new dotting tools, to create mandala rocks with them. We spent 2 hours together. The rocks are going to be hidden around the gardens of the retirement home for the residents to hunt for with the kids that come to visit.
Like any new creative project, it took a little while for them to get their confidence up to give it a go. But once they saw how easy it was to pop a series of dots onto a rock to form a pattern, they were off, and the room started to hum. By the time I left, we were all sharing stories about our lives, talking about how the grand and great grand kids would enjoy hunting for their rocks, and even had a sing along.

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I have no background in education, or painting with groups of people, this is the third painting session that I participated in. It was really wonderful, and a lovely opportunity to share a little bit of happiness with new friends. The finished product is not what matters, it is the process of creating. And I think once everyone clicked that theirs didn’t have to be the greatest work of art, the pressure was off, they could just relax and make something spontaneously knowing whatever they made would be a treasure to someone else. I think they really liked the idea that they were making something to brighten someone else’s day. Just shows that one rock at a time, we can make new friends and give back to our community in a really positive and engaging way.

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We used exterior paint and fluro paint. The residents really enjoyed seeing their artwork light up with the black light torch, including a 100 year old, who really got into creating rocks. They gifted the rock to me, and I am going to make this part of our rock display at our up and coming night time rock hunt on the 19th of August.

I learnt how tight the budgets are, and really wanted to give something to enable folks to make rocks. So we are working on new Timaru Rocks Boxes that we can leave behind. Hopefully this will give the residents a new hobby, sense of purpose and art therapy."

- Roselyn Fauth

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Residents from Bupa New Zealand Highfield Rest Home visit the Aigantighe Art Gallery to see the Rock Art on display by Timaru Artist Roselyn Fauth. From left: Marjorie MacNaughton, Maureen Quinn and Sheila Butterick

"I still can’t believe I spoke to you on Friday night and you were with us painting on Saturday! As they say, one of those ‘ meant to be’ experiences! Thanks again for sharing your talent with us and also the wider community as it is so much more than just the painting. I will keep my fingers crossed that you have success with some funding. Keep up the wonderful work you are doing and I look forward to keeping in touch."

Kind Regards,
Jane Vogel Activities Assistant
Bupa New Zealand Highfield Rest Home