Pair finding new meaning in rock art

26 January 2017
Rachel Comer

A group of South Canterbury residents is out to prove that art rocks.
An initiative, set up by Timaru woman Roselyn Fauth, is gaining momentum with painted rocks being hidden in public places throughout the region for others to find, hide again or keep.
Mrs Fauth said she had been inspired to set up Timaru Rocks by a similar movement in Palmerston North.
The idea was to create art and spread happiness, she said. “It’s a bit of fun,” Mrs Fauth said.
“It also gets people outside looking at their surroundings, and not with their heads down and looking at their phones trying to find Pokemon.”
She set the group up last week, using Facebook as a way for people to show off their painted rocks, let others know where rocks had been hidden and share updates.
The group already has more than 300 members and has attracted interest from other South Canterbury organisations. “Creative Corner are really keen to create some rocks with the kids as part of their early learning programme,” she said.
Parkinson’s South Canterbury had also contacted Mrs Fauth and the group is keen to get rock painters along to the group’s monthly meetings to show members how to paint rocks.
Mrs Fauth said it was important that the hiders of rocks made sure their rocks did not have anything stuck to them that could become litter. “It’s good to use a sealer over the paint to make sure it stays on. “Clear nail polish would work, or polyurethane.”
It was also a good idea to write on the back #TimaruRocks on the back the rocks so people could identify them, she said.
anyone wanting more information is asked to visit