Timaru Rocks creatures show two-sided nature

July 21, 2017
by Alexia Johnston

Art project Timaru Rocks is getting its time to shine at Aigantighe Art Gallery.
A small collection of the rocks is on display these school holidays, including an assortment adorned with fluorescent and invisible ink.
Some of the rocks have been painted to depict friendly creatures. But shining a light on the rocks shows another side to the creature, some rocks turning into monsters.
Timaru Rocks founder Roselyn Fauth said the rock “craze” had not stopped since its launch in January.
The concept was for painted rocks to be hidden in public places throughout the region for others to find and hide again.
A Facebook page was set up so people could show off their painted rocks, while also letting others know where rocks had been hidden and sharing updates.

The Facebook page had 350 members by 11am on the day it was set up and now has 2773 members and is steadily growing each day.

“If you think about it, some of those members might represent a family of four so we could have over 10,000 people; and that doesn’t include the people who are rocking, but are not connected on Facebook.

“The concept is you go down to the beach, get your free rocks, paint them and put them somewhere public for someone else to discover,” she said.

“Anyone can do it.

“One of the key things is it is really inexpensive. Test pots of exterior paint and a paint brush is all need to get started.”

The idea behind the display at Aigantighe Art Gallery was to inspire more people and show them just how decorative the rocks could be, Mrs Fauth said.

“We’ve worked on some activity sheets for people [who] say they don’t have an ounce of creativity, but want to do something with their kids. It gives them an idea of where to start,” Mrs Fauth said.

A rock hunt is also on offer at the Aigantighe Sculpture Garden these school holidays.

Prizes for finding the decorative rocks in the garden are up for grabs, thanks to the support of a range of businesses and individuals.

Among the prizes are fluorescent paint and paint brushes.