Search on for rocks on Sunday

April 15, 2017
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An art project taking the region by storm will be celebrated on Easter Sunday with a rock hunt.
TimaruRocks was launched in January, inspired by other rock groups throughout the world.
The idea is for people to paint rocks and hide them in outdoor spaces throughout the region for others to find and hide again.
Timaru artist and president of the Friends of the Aigantighe Roselyn Fauth created the Facebook Group #TimaruRocks at the end of January.
More than 1800 people have joined the group in the past few months.

The group also presented Timaru Mayor Damon Odey with a painted Timaru rock last week and has begun a Rocks Box scheme.
Mrs Fauth said the two boxes were rock painting kits that people and groups could borrow.
The first borrower was the South Canterbury Drama League which used the kit to paint rocks to promote its upcoming production of Alice In Wonderland
The Friends of the Aigantighe managed the box’s hiring and maintenance, she said.
“I hope that these will enable more people to create rocks.
“Hopefully more community groups will get on board, or organisations who might like to get special messages across.”
Mrs Fauth said she was pleased with the way the TimaruRocks message was being spread in the region.
“The rocks have been hidden all over Timaru in public parks and playgrounds.
“It’s been fantastic to hear how beneficial the project has been for many people from using the rocks as an excuse to be more active, to using it as a way of improving their mental health.”
The presentation to Mr Odey was a thank you to the council for its support of TimaruRocks and was the launch of the Great Easter Rock Hunt.
“I am really interested to see how the Easter event will go,” Mrs Fauth said.
“We thought it would be a cool idea to encourage folks to create Easter-themed rocks and to hide them at the Aigantighe Sculpture Garden on Easter Sunday.”
There will be prizes on the day, and the Fire Service own prize rocks promoting fire safety messages.
The event will be held at the Aigantighe Sculpture Garden from noon to 4pm on Sunday.