Art Heals the Mind, Body, and Heart. There’s so much to love about art. Engaging in it actually helps heal our hearts and keeps our brains healthy.

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Encourage your kids creativity by skipping the colouring in book and play a painting game or use a painting prompt like Simon Says Paint.

A fun, interactive drawing activity for kids and families. Simon says, “draw circles,” and the artists each draw circles. Simon also says things like, “trade pastels,” “draw dots,” and “draw a face.” Sit at opposite ends of the table with a rock, brush and paint and take turns directing and drawing.

For example, say, “Paint a circle,” and they’ll each paint their one on a rock. Then your child might say, “Paint a monster" and each draw that. Don’t look at each other’s rocks until you have both finished. This is great if you and your wee one lacks confidence in their ability, especially around bigger siblings. This is a fun way for to connect and also a low-key way to encourage his creativity.