Suggestions to keep rocking inclusive, positive and family-friendly

There ARE NO RULES about what you should do when you find a Painted Rock. In saying this, the TimaruRocks Facebook Admin Team does have rules about how this Facebook group functions. the goal is to be an inclusive, positive, kind and family-friendly. So here are our suggestions:

  • Cemeteries are out of bounds.
  • Keep rocks off grass so they don’t wreck a council mower, or flick up and hurt someone.
  • Seal your rocks to handle the rain/frost. (use a spray or paint on varnish, don't use ModPog or glues like PVA, they go gluey when wet) Resene test pots are ideal for exterior use and don't require sealing.
  • Take a rubbish bag with you to be a tidy kiwi.
  • Hide your rocks on public land only. 
  • Any photo you post here can be shared and used by others unless specified in the photo description.
  • Rocks reflect the opinions and attitudes of the individual artists, and not those of the admin. We cannot be held responsible for people being offended. 
  • his is not a place to vent your personal issues. Any post that is not rock-related, or in the positive spirit of Timaru Rocks or that is starting to cause tension in the group will be deleted at the Admin's discretion. You can use your own timeline for that. 
  • Any posts attempting to create a rule, or posts complaining about not finding painted rocks or posts complaining that people are not posting photos of the rocks that they have found will be deleted. We have resources to help manage kids expectations, and tips and tricks for creating new rocks to hide under the files tab.
  • Ideally write on the back of the rock… “Facebook/TimaruRocks Please re-hide”.

Know that when we create a rock and set it free anything could happen, they could be found, re-hidden, kept or lost. Once you release your painted rocks into a public place, it is up to the finder as to what happens to them next... The unknown is what makes it so exciting. Happy rocking!