Wow what a year so far! As well as amazing attendance at all of our Friends sponsored openings, we are working on a few vibrant projects. From a small creative pebble of an idea, the Friends of Aigantighe committee and the Aigantighe team have created a mountain of rocks and rockers in our community.  In just 6 months, the #TimaruRocks Facebook group has grown to 5 admins and a team of 2800 rockers, all of their time is voluntary with a pay-it-forward feeling. The new creative outlet is bringing our community together, and helping others in ways that they never imagined. From getting families outside into the fresh air for a modern-day treasure hunt, to giving kids and adults of all ages and abilities a new creative hobby, sense of belonging and purpose. Most significantly, the rocking activity has brought new faces to the gallery, and significantly increased the visitor numbers both in the sculpture garden and the gallery. A wonderful way to inspire and celebrate the love of arts in Timaru and reinforce the galleries importance as the art hub for the district...

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“These are some of the products we like to use to create rocks, but you can go to town using what-ever you have” – Roselyn Fauth

Resene Paints: Bright vivid colours that are waterbased. And there are even sparkly paints! Check your supermarket dockets for “buy one get 1 free”. Resene also have a month when they do “feed the Need” exchange a food Tin for a Test pot – this means you could get 8 test pots and exchange for 8 test pots (8 is the max to each house hold for a mini 200g can of human food). (In 2017 the month was February.)

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The idea is to paint some rocks and hide them in places around Timaru for others to find, re-hide or keep.

The Friends of the Aigantighe Art Gallery are proud to support the rocking craze by recieving donations and hosting events. Creativity is a great way to bring our community together to celebrate the love of arts.

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Painted rock hunting: It's the latest craze to take over, not only our spare time, but social media too. You may have seen a few photos flash up on your Facebook feed as people around the country and the world are painting, hiding and seeking out decorated rocks. It's a cheap and easy activity for families, adds fun to a simple walk and has so many added benefits!
You can be a painter, a finder or both. Decorated rocks are hidden outdoors - at playgrounds, in parks, on bushwalks, at the beach - pretty much anywhere (whilst avoiding private property and sacred places like cemeteries). The rocks are labelled to connect them back to a Facebook group where members can show off their finds. It's a modern treasure hunt.

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We have two community rocks box's that you can borrow for your group to create rocks for us to find. Full to the brim thanks to loads of generous business's in Timaru including the Oxford. You can also now borrow two extension packs, a Fluro Rock Box Kit and a Dotting Rock Box kit. 

Arranging a Rock Box booking

If you would like to arrange to borrow a rock box, please send a Private Facebook message to: or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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The council is notifying their contractors, and just wanted to remind us to hide rocks away from areas that could be picked up by lawnmowers, not too close to waterways, or at the cemetery.
Here is a summary of hiding spots in Timaru!

Aigantighe Sculpture Garden

Timaru Botanic Gardens
Caroline Bay and Benvenue Cliffs

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There ARE NO RULES about what you should do when you find a Painted Rock. In saying this, the TimaruRocks Facebook Admin Team does have rules about how this Facebook group functions. the goal is to be an inclusive, positive, kind and family-friendly. So here are our suggestions:

  • Cemeteries are out of bounds.
  • Keep rocks off grass so they don’t wreck a council mower, or flick up and hurt someone.
  • Seal your rocks to handle the rain/frost. (use a spray or paint on varnish, don't use ModPog or glues like PVA, they go gluey when wet) Resene test pots are ideal for exterior use and don't require sealing.
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