If you haven't already made your submission to the council Long Term Plan, you have until 5pm Monday 9th April. You can make a submission:

  • Online - Make your submission online here (quick and easy!)
  • Fill out the form - Complete the Consultation Document Submission form and post it back
  • By Email - Email your submission to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Or by letter

We have finised our submission and sent it to the Timaru District Council. You can read it here:  Friends of Aigantighe Response to LTP

It’s here… Consultation on the Timaru District Councils 2018-28 Long Term Plan (LTP) has recently opened with the release of the consultation document.

The LTP is the Council’s blueprint for the delivery of its activities over the next ten years. It is a critical document that sets how the Council intends to make the Timaru District an even better place to live, work and play. The LTP Consultation Document has just been released for public consultation and we would encourage you to make a submission with any suggestions or feedback you may have or even if it is just your opinion of the Art Gallery. You can see more details about the contents of the LTP, and have your say about Council spending priorities here:our-place-our-future

In the LTP 2018-28 consultation document it is intended that the Aigantighe House Gallery will be strengthened to meet earthquake standards and reopened, and the gallery will remain on the current site. The consultation document also looks at future storage solutions for the Gallery, and recommends accommodating it at the Museum facility at Perth Street.

The Friends Committee will be making a submission expressing the following: The Friends strongly recommend art collection storage remains onsite. We recommend that the council uses a seed fund to properly investigate storage options on site at the Aigantighe Art Gallery.

Last updated 16:46, April 13 2015
- The Timaru Herald

After 14 months as acting manager, Cara Fitzgerald is "elated" to be appointed to the top job at the Aigantighe Art Gallery in Timaru.

"I am over the moon," she said. The curator studied the History of Fine Arts at Canterbury University and graduated in 2009. "I always wanted to be a curator. I've enjoyed art since high school." She was working at the CoCA (Centre of Contemporary Art in Christchurch) until the Canterbury earthquakes struck and then moved to Timaru with her husband in 2012, taking up the position of collections curator at Aigantighe. "South Canterbury is beautiful, everything is here, the sea the mountains. I love it."

The local art community has been warm, welcoming and engaging, Fitzgerald said. "I like to give artists the opportunity to express themselves." Since former gallery manager Dr Fiona Ciaran left in February 2014, Fitzgerald has been acting manager and has had time to formulate an overall direction and vision of the gallery. "[That means] more local shows and longer nationals." She has ensured a policy surrounding hanging artworks at the Timaru District Council buildings remains in place.

This mobile feast could be yours!!!

All funds received from the sale of Arty the art car, will go toward our art restoration project. We have a website that shows the artwork we have helped to restore so far and the artwork that we are raising funds to conserve. www.aigantighe.org.nz.

With a bright orange fin on the roof and multimedia exterior and interior, this look captures the imagination of any innocent bystander. Imagine taking your kids to school every day in an Art Car, or using him to collect guests from the airport, or as a company vehicle – it would be hilarious! You could pull Arty apart and display a door or two on your wall – for example the drivers door features work from Timaru’s very own Mike Armstrong who’s work sells for thousands! As well as bringing some colour to the South Canterbury streets, Arty has been a fantastic vehicle for promoting the The Friends of the Aigantighe and the Gallery.

"The committee members, gallery staff and myself drove many students to balls, paraded him down Stafford street at Christmas Parades, parked him up at Festivals, outside the art gallery in the School Holidays and at Exhibition Openings. We will really miss Arty, he has been a fantastic way to get our name out there, and to entertain and inspire the community." says committee member Roselyn Fauth (nee Cloake)

He is starting to look a little tired now, and rather than repainting him, we have decided to pass him on. So please get in behind this auction to help us find a home for Arty and raise funds for our art restoration project.

View the TradeMe listing here:
Honda Integra as is where is 1986
Closes: Mon 8 Jun, 3:51 pm
Listing #: 893314489

Arty, the Aigantighe Gallery’s iconic car, will soon be motoring towards new adventures. The car, a Honda, was purchased from The Courier for $1 by Friends of the Aigantighe in 2004, but was now up for auction online.

11336865 1011652875534928 64348260867062597 oIt was purchased by the group as a community outreach vehicle, but has been much more, Friends of the Aigantighe members recall. Past president Roselyn Fauth said the car had added colour to South Canterbury streets thanks to a working bee 10 years ago. ‘‘He was great fun to decorate. I will never forget the day that [former member] Mike Armstrong turned up to a ‘Paint Arty Working Bee’... and riveted his artwork to the driver’s door [and] Jeff Mill turned up with his plane propeller and power cord to add to the mix...,’’ she said. ‘‘Arty went from painted car panels to a quirky and imaginative beast.’’ However, not all the art work went to plan. ‘‘We originally had a ten pin bowling set on the bonnet, but we had to remove that to pass the WOF,’’ Mrs Fauth said. ‘‘We later discovered that if it wasn’t a permanent fixture we had more flexibility on what we could add, so we added a roof rack and the orange fin to the roof.’’ Mr Armstrong said the car’s artwork changed over time. ‘‘Over the past 10 years it has been an evolving artwork, constantly painted over by other artists.’’ The car brought smiles to many faces, Mrs Fauth said.

"The committee members, gallery staff and myself drove many students to balls, paraded him down Stafford St at Christmas parades, parked him up at festivals, outside the art gallery in the school holidays and at exhibition openings.’’ She said the car would be missed. "...he has been a fantastic way to get our name out there, and to entertain and inspire the community." However, she said the car was starting to look ‘‘tired’’, and instead of repainting it the group had decided to sell it. Money raised from the sale would go towards the group’s art restoration project, she said. ‘‘Artwork has been donated generously to the gallery, but some of it is not at exhibition standard. So, the friends started an artwork project to help conserve those artworks, not only for exhibitions, but so they won’t deteriorate any further; and be there for future generations.’’ As of May, the group had raised $6683 for restoration of 15 artworks. The money has been raised through various fundraising initiatives and donations. Gallery manager Cara Fitzgerald thanked the many people who had dedicated their time to Arty over the years.

The Timaru Courier
June 4, 2015

New President for the Friends of the Aigantighe. The Friends would like to welcome Neil McKinnon who was recently nominated and elected for President. Neil comes to us with a bundle of enthusiasm and experience in voluntary organisations. The Friends would like to thank our past president, Peter Field for his efforts.