The Friends are raising funds to purchase the new castors for their Yamaha concert grand piano. The set of three solid brass wheels will allow easy rolling of the piano. The quality of the castors is critical as it can effect the sound quality of the piano, it needs to fit the Yamaha model specifically to support the weight and enhance the instrument’s appearance. 

The total cost to supply, ship from Germany and install is $2800 in July 2020.


Our grand piano resides at the Aigantighe Art Gallery and often has its 88 ivory keys tickled at gallery openings and events. The piano was generously donated to the Friends of the Aigantighe in 1987 by Steve Newman and Betty Manning who are life members of the Friends. Tony Preen generously donated its cover. The Friends take great care in looking after our Yamaha piano and all maintenance, such as tuning and insurance is made possible by the revenue of subscriptions and kind donations. We are fortunate to have many talented musicians in South Canterbury, if you are interested in performing at openings please contact us.

Beatles Go Baroque! What a fabulous concert today! We had another full house of very appreciative music lovers in attendance. 
Aigantighe Art Gallery July 2020.

These two local musicians, Kaitlin Amos and Ben Oddie, wandered into the gallery today and have been treating visitors to some wonderful music. This is the second time they have played here at the Aigantighe.
Aigantighe Art Gallery 2020

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