Thanks for your help! This artwork is part of the Aigantighe Art Gallery’s permanent collection and was given from the estate of Mr J. Rhodes in 1965. This painting required conservation, estimated at $2000 to return it to its former glory...

Vincent Waagrez.
The Brook.
Oil on canvas.
Estimated restoration cost $2000


  • Remove from frame
  • Photographic documentation/tests and estimate preparation
  • Remove canvas from the stretcher
  • Canvas distortions removal
  • Surface dirt and dust removal from verso
  • Canvas and paint film impregnation with conservation glue
  • Hot vacuum table treatment
  • Fill lacunae with synthetic gesso
  • Cleaning treatment
  • Restretch canvas on its stretcher
  • Protective varnish coat Paraloid B72
  • Inpaint lacunae
  • Dirt and dust removal from the frame surface
  • Frame oil up with protective backing